Docking Station & RJ45 Adapter Bundle – HUB-M43 & HUB-U02


This bundle consists of a portable docking station that allows you to easily use the additional ports provided with ease from anywhere you would like. Its complex design allows it to be folded and put away in a small box so that it can be transported easily. This dock allows you to connect an additional screen to your device allowing you to easily watch movies, play games or work. There are also 2 USB ports installed in this device that will allow you to connect more USB devices such as, keyboard, mouse, hard disks and more. Connect your device to the internet with the use of the RJ45 adapter that comes with this bundle , this is a perfect solution to buffer-free movie streaming, online gaming, data transferring and video conferencing. This portable docking station also acts as a laptop stand, allowing for natural air ventilation to keep your laptop cool and to perform at high speed.

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